by Athol Fugard

“Forgive me or kill me. That’s the only choice you got.”

South Africa, New Year’s Eve 1989: a new country is about to born. On a run down funfair somewhere in the wilderness two men confront each other, one white, one black, both with blood on their hands. As night draws in, each must face what they have done, and work out their lives through their own journey of truth and reconciliation.


Gideon Le Roux – Danny Solomon

Martinus – Faz Singhateh

 Voice of ‘Barking’ Barney Barkhuizen – Graham Eaglesham

Directer –  Jake Murray 

Designer –  Louis Price

Lighting – Mark Turner       Sound Chris Neville-Smith 

Stage Manager – Spike Easthope

Assistant Designer – Rachael Burgess

Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham.     The Exchange Theatre, North Shields.     City Theatre, Durham.    

Empty Space, Manchester.     Hullabaloo Space, Darlington.   

Supported by Arts Council of England