by Jez Butterworth

“If you lose me you will search for me. Forever.”

A cabin somewhere in the Tyne Valley. A man brings a woman for a romantic weekend to get close to nature and experience the wonder of the River. But is there one woman or many? Is he just a womaniser or is he seeking the woman he has always loved, over and over again?

A love story, a ghost story, a haunting mystery, The River is a drama about desire and longing that you will never forget.

Jez Butterworth is the award-winning author of Mojo, Jerusalem and The Ferryman, all of which played in London’s West End and Broadway in New York. He also co-wrote the smash-hit Sci-Fi movie The Edge Of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and the TV series Britannia.

Danny Solomon as the Man

Hannah Ellis Ryan as the Woman

Lois Mackie as the Other Woman

Amy Gavin/ Josie Broome as Another Woman

Directed by Jake Murray

Designed by Louis Price

Produced by Jake Murray & Hannah Ellis Ryan

Lighting & sound by Chris Neville-Smith

Stage/ Production Management by Felicity Gourley and Spike Easthope

Music composed by Emily Winters

Music sung by Laura Littlewood

Voice coaching by Graham Eaglesham