Since we launched the Covid-19 Monologues in 2020 they have become a runaway success. Initially conceived to be produced under Lockdown conditions, written, rehearsed and filmed online, they have been seen by nearly 13000 people all over the world.

In 2021 they received a prestigious Olwen Wymark Award for services to from the British Writers Guild, and three, ‘One Of A Kind’, ‘Fake’ and ‘I Just Called To Say’, grouped together as the Covid-19 Trilogy, won Best Monologue at the Thornhill Theatre Space Online Festival.

Three monologues, Paul Herzberg’s ‘The Moth’, which has been selected for 24 International Film Festivals all from Durban to Bangalore, Chris Barlas’ ‘Fake’ and Steve Byron’s ‘Blackmail: A Reiver Tale’ have been developed into full length stage plays which will be performed over the next eighteen months. Its been very exciting.

We are very proud to announce the third volume of Covid-19 Monologues, our most ambitious and diverse to date. Released on Sept 5, they are:

ASK ME ANYTHING by Christ Neville-Smith, directed by Dan Bradford, performed by Heather Carroll: Lucy, a political activist, takes questions in the aftermath of a political sting that went tragically wrong.

BLUE BIN DAY by Elijah Young, directed by Jake Murray, performed by Chris Connell: Craig, a bin man from Heaton in the North East, becomes obsessed by the cat killer of the Chillingham Road, and begins to suspect that the culprit may be living under his roof.

CYBERSPACE DREAMS by Rayna Campbell, directed by Jake Murray, performed by Orline Riley: Maggie, a woman living on her own during Covid lockdown, goes down the rabbit hole of online influencers in a bid to change her life, with hilarious and painful results.

DANDELION by Phil Meeks, directed by Jake Murray, performed by Jacqueline Phillips: Beatrice, a woman driven to murder by her abusive husband, tells us what led here there from her cell, including a love affair with a younger woman next door.

PASS OVER ME by Rachel Creeger, directed by Jake Murray, performed by Rachel Gaffin: Miri, a Jewish mother from North London, takes us through the Seder meal as she prepares for her second Passover during Lockdown.

SKIN DEEP by Hamza Adam Rafique, directed by Jake Murray, performed by Shaban Dar: Adil, a British student from a Pakistani Muslim background, talks to his cousin about a love affair with a fellow student from which ended in pain.

Catch them all here: