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by Jake Murray

2019 looks like an exciting time or Elysium TC…

Miss Julie  2019

MISS JULIE by August Strindberg, translated by Michael Meyer


North East Tour & Hope Mill, Manchester


Our North East tour of ‘Miss Julie’ was a massive success, with great audience feedback from all four venues – Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham, the Gala, Durham, the Exchange, North Shields and the Majestic, Darlington – and some fantastic reviews.


One of the big successes of the show was the use of a Servants Ensemble in each venue drawn from local actors. In Hexham we had members of local amateur dramatics groups, local choirs and students, at the Gala contingents from the Durham Student Theatre Society and Durham Dramatics Society, at the Exchange members of their theatre group, Newcastle College and the Cultural Spring, and in Darlington students from Darlington College. Each group threw themselves into the task with enthusiasm and power. All were an integral part of the success of the show.



This tour, our first since we launched in late 2017, has set us on fire with ideas for future projects and even more ambitious tours. We’re already putting our feelers out further afield across the North East, but also Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and beyond. Watch this space!


In the meantime, we are thrilled to say that ‘Miss Julie’ was so successful we have been invited to perform it at Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester this June!


It will feature the same crack cast from the original production, the fantastic Alice Frankham, Danny Solomon and Lois Mackie.


And beyond!

Meanwhile we are talking to a host of venues about potential projects, including:


A new stage adaptation of Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Rachael Halliwell; a new play set in Texas, USA, by Mike Elliston; bold new productions of plays by Edward Albee, Noel Coward, Henrik Ibsen, Sam Shepard, Athol Fugard, Anna Jordan and many more…


We’re also going to be doing more workshops with Durham Student Theatre, and building on the connections we have made while doing ‘Miss Julie’ to really invest in the many colleges, universities and other sectors of the North East!


What would you like to see us do? Let us know via our contacts page!