The River
by Jez Butterworth

“A play which stays with you after the curtain comes down, teasing away at both brain and emotions.”

- British Theatre Guide

“If you lose me you will search for me. Forever.”

A cabin somewhere in the Tyne Valley. A man brings a woman for a romantic weekend to get close to nature and experience the wonder of the River. But is there one woman or many? Is he just a womaniser or is he seeking the woman he has always loved, over and over again?

A love story, a ghost story, a haunting mystery, The River is a drama about desire and longing that you will never forget.

Jez Butterworth is the award-winning author of Mojo, Jerusalem and The Ferryman, all of which played in London's West End and Broadway in New York. He also co-wrote the smash-hit Sci-Fi movie The Edge Of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and the TV series Britannia.


Cast and creatives
  • Danny Solomon as the Man
  • Hannah Ellis Ryan as the Woman
  • Lois Mackie as the Other Woman
  • Amy Gavin/ Josie Broome as Another Woman
  • Directed by Jake Murray
  • Designed by Louis Price
  • Produced by Jake Murray & Hannah Ellis Ryan
  • Lighting & sound by Chris Neville-Smith
  • Stage/ Production Management by Felicity Gourley and Spike Easthope
  • Music composed by Emily Winters
  • Music sung by Laura Littlewood
  • Voice coaching by Graham Eaglesham

"It is incredibly exciting to see a local theatre company put on such a challenging play with such grace and modesty... The net effect is high-quality drama minutes away from Durham market place that breaks new ground in community engagement."

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