"A force to reckon with..." - ReviewerNumber9

"At the forefront of making high quality theatre for northern audiences." - The Play's The Thing

Elysium TC is a new, independent, professional theatre company based in Durham. Our goal is to bring the best of world theatre to the North of England, with particular focus on the North East.



Elysium Theatre Company is an award-winning, independent theatre company based in Durham. We tour regularly across the North East and in Greater Manchester. We have produced six highly acclaimed productions so far, including northern premieres of plays by Jez Butterworth, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Owen MacCafferty and Athol Fugard, and revivals of modern classics by August Strindberg and Samuel Beckett. Our Northumberland-set adaptation of 'Miss Julie' won Best Revival in the North East in the British Theatre Guide in 2019.

As Covid-19 hit we were just about to launch our latest production, 'Look Back In Anger' by John Osborne. We've had to postpone that into 2021, but we have not been deterred. Throughout lockdown we have been very busy moving our creativity online.

We have produced a new play, 'Isolations' by Gary Kitching, a monologue for three actors which was commissioned by the Online: Onstage Festival in Durham pioneered by the Gala and Assembly Rooms Theatres. We have also launched the Covid-19 Monologues, all filmed under socially distanced conditions during lockdown. The first five are out, and we have begun work on the next five which will appear next February.

We've also been holding live online workshops on great dramatists. Our first series featured the work of the seven indisputably great European dramatists Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg and Chekhov. Our second series features the three key American playwrights Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. More workshops are promised for 2021!

You can catch all of these monologues and workshops in the LATEST NEWS section on here.

More to come! Covid-19 will not defeat us! Onwards and upwards!



April 8 2021 onwards

The Covid-19 Monologue Vol 2 are on their way!

Launching on April 8 2021 we will be presenting 5 new monologues, one every two days:

FAKE by Chris Barlas, performed by Karren Winchester - In the midst of the pandemic, Marion is here to tell us the truth about Covid-19. Chemtrails, vaccines, 5G, the New World Order, its all here!

ONE SMALL GLOBE by Janet Plater, performed by Jake Jarratt - Joe is an actor. Thanks to Covid he's not that busy at the moment. That's why he's taken a fantastic new job, one that's out of this world.

BY THE WAY I HATE MYSELF by Hannah Ellis Ryan, performed by Laura Littlewood - After a hard day putting on a sad face at her mum's funeral, Beth is home alone with a glass of red to unburden her feelings about her dearly departed mother.

I JUST CALLED TO SAY by Rani Moorthy, performed by Alex Townson - As his father lies unconscious in an ICU, a young man opens up about their relationship and the pain he has overcome.

BLACKMAIL: A REIVER'S TALE by Steve Byron, performed by Micky Cochrane - A gripping story from the era of the Reivers, when the borders of England and Scotland were lawless territories terrorised by powerful families ready to use violence and extortion to get what they wanted. A lone man takes his stand as he pushed to the edge of his endurance.



Chris Barlas, Hannah Ellis Ryan, Rani Moorthy, Janet Plater & Steve Byron